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 inner guide. breaker of blocks. sufi healer. teacher. artist.  

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        Julia is a Sufi Teacher and Healer for the last 20 years completing a 3 year Sufi and Energetic program on the emotional & spiritual links in the realms of healing and transformation; what heals us and what does not. She has worked with hundreds of people , as well as couples mainly focusing on realigning, getting clear,  inner child work and discharging stored trauma (which we all have).

        Julia has also been successful artist and designer for the last 25 years. Designing for Nordstroms,

Crate & Barrel ,Henri Bendel and selling her ceramic and linen housewares in thousands of stores across the states. 

She now mainly focuses on Writing and Commission paintings in regards to the art realms.

      She has uniquely combined the two disciplines: creative expression and healing to create programs of transformation, that highlight whats “real” within us  (hint where you feel alive)  and then supports the work of living it.






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