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Julia is a Sufi teacher , healer and guide.  As a graduate of the Sufi/ Energetic medicine program on the emotional & spiritual links in the realms of healing and transformation, she has an innate and deep understanding of what heals us and what does not.  She has uniquely combined two disciplines: creative expression and healing to create programs of transformation that highlight what's “real” within us (hint where you feel alive) and then supports the work of living it. She also has been a working artist for many years and combines creativity , contemplative practices and trauma techniques to aid the process of transmutation.

Expression is the key. ​She has worked with hundreds of people, couples and children the last 20 years focusing  on creating clarity and releasing what has held you back as an individual or as a couple. Ultimately her main desire is to  guide one back to their innate inner riches and power and give tools which can be applied daily to ground and create an inner core that is vital, healthy and unencumbered. The responsibility for our emotional health is in our own hands and we must gladly receive that. Yet healing rarely happens with out a hand as we would already be healed if we could have just done it on our own. We are meant to help each other and healers and counselors all carry different medicines.  Julia's method is untraditional, direct integrating ancient sufi methods through out.  So if you are ready to change ......she can help.


"The choice for any of us is repression or expression... the latter is the only way to go for vitality and health."


"Julia's work and insight are second to none. I ave been a patient of couples counselors therapists for over 20 years, as well as individual therapy, and iI can say that Julia helped my wife and I cover more ground in 2 months than we ahd in 5 years with conventional therapies.  The Sufi perspective she brings is healing and powerful. The most impactful aspect of her guidance is in realizing how different our thinking needed to be, but in such a natural and organic way.  

Julia's Sufi training brings a much needed spiritual aspect to therapy, but not in the slightest dogmatic way.  The nature of her approach to healing because of this training is sensical, practical real and truly wholistic" 

Joel (couples counseling)"

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