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"The truth about inner work is: when we are really ready to change we make the effort, the first step is always the hardest and the 1st step is to decide to change and the 2nd step is simply to ask for help. In my experience the universe always answers back." Julia


INSIGHTS FROM COUPLES & INDIVIDUALS WORK ( the best way to describe the work)

"Julia gets right to the core...period. I have been to a "regular"therapist, only to scratch thr surface.  Julia has a way of articulating yours as well as her feelings to you and your partner that are palpable.  She can see where one is coming from based on childhood/trauma/anything.  Julia shows you the tools that you can use to process, communicate and heal. These tools are inside us all and we all are capable, she just gets deep and shows you where they are inside you.  I have goosebumps thinking about how much she has changed my relationship with my partner.  She brings so much to light, because she is a light!" 

Client Emily (couples counseling)

"I came to Julia when my marriage was at its crux...desperate to keep my family with two small children together.  Julia was direct, compassionate, honest, and wise.  A joy to be with and amazing sense of humor.  She inspired us to do our work.  There was no illusion this would be easy.  Every session provided us with tools to move forward in love and light.  She is a spiritual warrior that is not afraid to show you what is real. I will be forever grateful to this human being for insight into my life and helping my little family live in peace."

Client Wendy (couples counseling)


"Transforming!  Julia approaches every session with enthusiasm, honesty, love, faith and directness. Her path to healing is soft yet challenging and has helped me become a better human! Absolutely incredible!"

Client Ryan (couple counseling)


"Julia's work and insight are second to none. I ave been a patient of couples counselors therapists for over 20 years, as well as individual therapy, and iI can say that Julia helped my wife and I cover more ground in 2 months than we ahd in 5 years with conventional therapies.  The Sufi perspective she brings is healing and powerful. The most impactful aspect of her guidance is in realizing how different our thinking needed to be, but in such a natural and organic way.  

Julia's Sufi training brings a much needed spiritual aspect to therapy, but not in the slightest dogmatic way.  The nature of her approach to healing because of this training is sensical, practical real and truly wholistic" 

Joel (couples counseling)"

"Julia and the work she did to heal the relationship my daughter has with herself and between us was such a gift. With just the right balance of love and accountability she was able to teach my daughter creative tools to calm her nervous system in order to self regulate, then express her emotions effectively rather than repress them. Julia's authenticity and willingness to share her own experience led to my own vulnerability and ability to grow along side my daughter. I am in awe of how deeply we connect as a result and the level of trust we share. As our relationship changes over time and we meet new challenges, I know that Julia will always be there for us and I am grateful" 

Client Micheal   (11 year old child and mother daughter work)

"Julia's work has helped me in so many ways!  I am so thankful.  I came to Julia at the bottom, in desperation.  I needed to dig fast and dive deep to save what I had left of a marriage as well as discover what I was holding back.  I was drawn to her energy. Julia's approach is direct, yet gentle.  It is real work , not just talking. Great big, heavy things are released and I leave energized not drained.  I love it!  I found my voice and my heart. She has given me guidance and tools that are changing my life like i never imagined before"

Melanie (client)





Commitment and Investment:

I work  in packages for individuals and couples. I have found that real change happens in a container of commitment.

The exception to this is I will do one session for guidance and intuitive sessions for something specific.


First session: Whether an individual or couple we do a first session to make sure we are a good fit.

i$120 an hour  (1.5 to 2 hours) 

First session requires payment at the time of service.

The packages are individually created  after hearing the intention  of the client and where one wants to go , I will recommend one. 

Individuals usually 6 to 8 sessions

Couples  2 month commitment

Packaging pricing offers a reduced hourly.

Specifically for Couples:

If you ready to upgrade your relationship and make a needed breakthrough either in communication or forgivness; I work in a container and a commitment with couples. The best results are when the couple is committed,  a two month commitment is required.  In that process I feel confident that I  can take you through what you are working on or help you to make a leap in your relationship.  My suggestion is to come in for one session and if you feel I am the right match for the two of you we can take it from there. My style is very direct and intensive so lets make sure we are a match!


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