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(they alter our awarness)

These are commissioned pieces each piece is unique to what the client envisions and is hoping to embody. They are intended to support your healing journey.

We have an initial session,  I then create from the intentions of the clients heart, colors and elements that are important to them as well. These altars are a place for transformation and meaning  in your home for yourself and your family.

They are framed with a shelf (to gather talismans) by artisian woodworkers each is specific to the art.


Goddess of LOVE.

created for a couple to honor their love.

4 ft by 2.5ft

warrior of the inner planes.jpeg

Spirtiual Warrior.

created for a woman embodying her strength and voice.


created for an acupuncturist for her clinic.

Truth and honor.


Dispeller of darkness.

4ft by 5.5ft



created for a yoga studio.

Mother Mary

created for deep love and protection for a clients home.

4ft by 2.8 ft

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