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in community and together we change quickly

“Julia brings to light how our creativity is intimately linked to our
voice. Not the voice you use every day but the true voice that tells
the story of your life. The voice we long to share with others. Julia
crafts space for you to feel inspired to share your heart. She has a
masterful way of piercing through dialogue to uncover the hidden
jem. It is her mastery of vision that allows you to see what blocks
your creative flow and how that flow is connected to everyone and

- Kelly, Participant of Workshop

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3 month
March 2021


(business, art or any avenue in your life)


Womens 3 month intensive coming up!!

Starting  March 30th.

Every Tuesday

  6 to 7:30

12 Women

Transformational intensive work, laughing, creativity, dancing no more excuses!!

One destination:



We need real change now in the world and it starts with our very own inner work.  Get down on it.

12  1.5 hour meetings in person or zoom.

3  2 hour individual sessions with Julia

Homework for transformation.


No chango your money back!

As long as you are bringing it I can get you there! and a little help from the universe! 

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